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What are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy flooring is a customizable, two part mixture that includes both a resin and a hardener. The thorough mixing of these two creates a thick paint like substance that is then applied to the floor. Epoxy floors serve as a decorative, abrasion and fire resistant, waterproof barrier that adds value to your property as well as retain the life of your concrete floor.

Safe, Long-Lasting, Smooth

Advancements in the technology of epoxy resins have introduced innovative design options into the industry of floor coatings. Epoxy offers durability coupled with decorative flakes. A clear, non-slip coat creates a clean, long-lasting epoxy floor coating that is amazing.

The Options Are Endless

The appearance and functionality of any space are greatly improved with an epoxy floor coating. Improvements are seen in airplane hangars, research labs, medical offices, machine shop floors, pet areas, auto repair shops, auto dealerships, and residential garages. The choice of a unique floor is made from an abundance of color options.


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