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How We Do It!

There are some crucial steps you have to take when applying an epoxy floor!

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Prep prep prep...

Preparation work for rolling out an epoxy floor is by far the most important part of ensuring that your floor will last you a long time.  Using a concrete grinder, vacuum, and concrete crack filler to get rid of any existing concrete sealant, stains, or imperfections. Doing this will allows for a strong bond for the epoxy to latch on and a smooth finish.  After the concrete has been prepped and cleaned, it is now time to mix up the epoxy. 

Rollin' it out

 Using 9"-18” rollers, we evenly roll out the epoxy material directly onto the concrete floor. Using a hand brush around the edges allows for sharp clean edges and a professional look.  After the epoxy has been rolled out, it is time to broadcast the paint chips.  Depending on the total % coverage of flakes you chose, we will evenly spread the chips of your choice over the fresh epoxy for them to stick to.


Your New Floor!

After the broadcast of flakes, it is time to roll out a clear topcoat that will protect your epoxy and paint chips from coming up and protect your new floor! Your new floor now protects your concrete from water damage, and prevents scratches and stain marks that are easy to clean! You can expect to get around 20 years out of a floor just like this one! 

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